Android 4.4 KitKat comes to Google Play editions

It seems that Android KitKat is finally making inroads into older handsets after a slow start, with the Google Play edition handsets being the latest to feel the love.

Those phones are the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition and the HTC One Google Play edition, both of which pack the same hardware as the standard versions, but crucially, run a plain Android, with none of the extras from the companies concerned. No added interface, no extras apps and so on. That obviously makes it a lot easier to update to a new version of Android.

So just a few weeks on from the launch of Google's operating system and just days after it hit Google's own Nexus 4, KitKat has landed on these two phones. According to Google, the update is rolling out gradually right now, so you might need to keep checking for it if you've not seen it yet. If nothing has appeared on your screen, have a nosey in your Settings for details of any update pending.

If you have a standard version of either phone, expect a much longer wait, likely to be into 2014.

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