Leaked frame suggests larger Samsung Galaxy S5

As you have probably noticed, smartphones aren't just getting smarter year on year, they are getting bigger. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 looks to be very much on message.

New photos have appeared online which suggest a couple of things. First up, the image of the phone's frame show a metal backbone, which should make things just a little more solid. Secondly, the frame's measurements, said to be 143.8mm (5.6 inches) tall and 72.2mm (2.8 inches) wide, suggest that the screen will take a jump up in size too. Not a huge jump, but with more length, the S5 could have a change of aspect ratio.

Aside from the frame, other details relating to the S5 have also been sneaking out. If the rumours are true, the S5 will also feature an eye scanner and a 16-megapixel camera, with talk of a 64-bit chip too - a first for an Android smartphone.

No news on a potential launch date, although there have been rumours of an early January launch after a relatively disappointing showing from the current Galaxy S4.

Sources: TechRadar and Nowhere Else

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