Apple testing iPhone with 4.9-inch screen

We have heard rumours along the same lines from respected news organisations recently. But with a Chinese site with a good 'rumour record' making claims about a new iPhone with a large screen too, we're guessing this is pretty much a done deal.

The site is C Technology, which is talking up an inside source of its own. It claims Apple is testing a new iPhone (already) with a 4.9-inch screen. That's different to the screen sizes talked about by the WSJ and Bloomberg in the past, but only by fractions. There is the possibility that Apple is testing multiple phones at such an early stage, after all.

It adds that both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c will get a size increase next year, although the site doesn't have any size details for the new 'c' phone as yet. We have previously heard that the flagship phone of the two will have a full HD 1080p Retina display and that both will launch in September 2014.

So plenty of time for Apple to test sizes. But one thing looks certain. Apple is going big for 2014.

Source: Unwired View

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