Google Play Newsstand app launches

Google is looking to radically change the way you access your news on the go with the launch of the Google Play Newsstand apps.

Not unlike the Apple app of similar name, the app will host your newspaper and magazine subscriptions, vu5 on top of that, it will also serve up articles from websites and blogs too. All in one place.

All articles will be formatted for your tablet or phone, complete with images, audio or video if such things are included. The content will also be available offline too, which will save you a bit on your data costs, with the option to mark articles for reading later too.

As Newsstand arrives, it will mean some musical chairs for other Google apps. In the US, Canada, UK and Australia, users of the Play Magazines app will be asked to upgrade instead to Newsstand. If you don't use that, but use Currents, you'll again be asked to upgrade from that app, which will soon be no more.

It's a worrying development for apps that follow similar ground (Fipboard for example), with Google looking to take in all of your magazine reading and blog following within its own app, especially with it getting a cut of the action on the former. But it looks impressive at first glance, so that might not be a bad thing.

If iOS users are looking on enviously, then don't, as Google is planning something similar for Apple's devices at some point. Although Apple will certainly have something to say about the magazine buying part of it ahead of any launch. Not to mention the name.

Source: Engadget

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