Twitter updates its iOS and Android apps

Twitter has updated both its Android and iOS apps, with the intention of making it easier to find what you happen to be looking for.

The latest update is all about filters. Well, almost all, more on the rest later. But right now, we're looking at filters which allow you to toggle between top Tweets or all Tweets in your search results. Just press the button.

On top of that, there is also a new photo search filter, so you can just see Tweets with photos, either in a grid or in a list layout. On top of that, you can now filter results based on just who you are following or filter for video clips.

A new trending timeline in Discover has also been added, showing trends along with associated Tweets, as well as trending TV shows and nearby events.

So lots of things added, but one thing has departed Twitter. Remember when Twitter introduced an option to send Direct Messages to anyone? Well, it would seem that the option has been quietly removed. No real surprise there, as it did infringe on privacy, created an option for spam and for some, probably made it more difficult to browse genuine messages.

Anyway, it is no more. No one seems to be mourning its loss either.

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