Apple readies iOS 7.1

The developers have got their hands on Apple's latest operating system, so it shouldn't be long before we see iOS 7.1 too.

When it lands it is unlikely to offer anything radical, but it should be well worth downloading. We would expect Apple to have looked at the performance (or performance issues) of its new operating system and fixed things that aren't quite working as they should.

Indeed, it has been confirmed that big fixes and performance enhancements are a ket part of this update. No surprise, have you tried using iOS 7 on an iPhone 4? Not exactly a smooth experience.

Outside of that, there are various other features coming to light. Some relate to the keyboard, a number are connected to the camera - an option to upload ‘burst mode photos’ to Photo Stream for iPhone 5s users for example, along with a new auto HDR mode for the snapper. It is also easier to clear messages from the Notification Center too, along with various logo updates.

All in all, a better experience we would imagine. No news on the download date, but not too long off, we would hope.

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

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