Nokia Music coming to iOS and Android

Most unexpected news of the day (and possibly week) relates to Nokia, with regard to just where its Nokia Music service is heading.

A report out of China claims Nokia will be offering web app versions of Nokia Music on both the iOS ad Android platforms. There is no indication of any type of timescale, but leaked material shows the service being offered on the new platforms, as well as on desktops.

We can only presume it will be offered on similar terms to the Nokia version, which means a limited free service or paying £3.99 a month and securing Nokia Music+, which in turn allows you to save playlists for offline listening and skipping tracks to your heart's content.

It's a surprising move, not least because many expected Nokia Music to close its doors once the Microsoft buyout of Nokia was completed. Sounds like that isn't actually the case.

Source: Phone Arena

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