Samsung Galaxy Gear comes free with a new phone deal

There was a story about the return rate for this being high and reviews haven't been great for the Samsung Galaxy Gear. That could account for the smartwatch going from £300 to free literally overnight.

Ok, it's not exactly free. But it is being offered as a freebie if you go to Phone 4u and sign up for a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which was rated highly by us in review. It is also a limited deal, with the offer only running until this Thursday (14 November), so if you want the two devices, don't hang around.

Of course, you'll need to sign up for a contract, with the Note 3 available for 'free' when you sign up for a £42.99 monthly deal, which will add up over the two years. Alternatively, put £99.99 down and you'll be paying £39.99 each month.

It's likely to be a niche offer, with the Note 3 being a niche product due to its size. It certainly isn't for everyone, especially if your phone is primarily a calling device. But if you are in the market for one, this really does look like a good offer, even with the initial failings of the Galaxy Gear.

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