Christmas mobile accessory gift guide

We're massive gadget fiends here at the iSellMobile HQ, so this Christmas we're hoping to find the latest shiny mobile toys and accessories stuffed in our stockings. Check out some of the following gadgets that Mobile Choice have selected for staying entertained, keeping fit and getting some serious mobile gaming on the go...

Pear Sports Training Intelligence for iPhone (£80,

This full fitness package is ideal for serious joggers. Buy the kit and download the free iPhone app and you’re ready to plan out a fitness regime, which can be as gentle or intense as you like. The kit features a heart rate monitor which straps around your torso, as well as nifty sports earphones which can be used to listen to music during sessions and also update you on your progress.


Pear Sports Training app review


The app is a great incentive to keep up with your regime, and an excellent training partner. On runs you can get regular updates on time, distance and calories burned, while instructions are relayed through the earphones – speed up, slow down and so on, depending on how hard your heart’s working. The ‘phones themselves are comfortable to wear, with enough housing to keep them firmly seated in your ears even during those sweaty sessions. Audio quality is a little tinny, but you can always replace them with your own ‘phones as the ear pieces are removeable.

BeeWi KickBee Mini Robot (, £29.99)

BeeWi KickBee robot review 


These miniature robot guys connect via Bluetooth to your Apple or Android device, giving you full control over your own robotic buddy. You can then play football against mates with the bundled goals, or simply annoy everyone by having the little blighters race up and down your corridors.


AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition (, £319)

AR Drone 2.0 review

The Parrot AR.Drone has been kicking around for a while, but we never tire of seeing these quad-copters soar and dive through the air. This model has a built-in camera, which streams HD video straight to your phone or tablet. Handy if the damn thing gets carried away in a gale.


MOGA Mobile Gaming System Projoypad (, $49.99)

This full-sized Android gaming controller is a must-buy for fans of mobile action games, who are sick of fiddling with awkward on-screen buttons when trying to blast through N.O.V.A. 4 or GTA. It resembles an Xbox 360 controller, fitting comfortably in your palms and giving you the full range of controls, including dual thumbsticks and four shoulder/trigger buttons. There’s even a slide-out grip that holds your smartphone during play, although the MOGA Pro also works fine with Android tablets – but not iOS or Windows Phone devices.


AR Drone 2.0 review


After charging the controller via USB, we had no trouble connecting it to our Samsung tablet via Bluetooth. The MOGA Pro comes with its own app which displays a list of compatible games (currently hundreds, including plenty of big titles) and allows you to download or launch them. Our every tap and prod was immediately registered in-game, with perfect responsiveness. 


Olloclip Telephoto + Circular Polarising Lens (, $99)


AR Drone 2.0 review


Olloclip’s telephoto lens clips over your iPhone’s camera, giving you double magnification so you can capture more detailed shots of far away subjects. It’s by no means a proper telephoto lens – you won’t be snapping Royals in their undercrackers from miles away – but it’s good for shooting interesting scenery on your hols. You also get a circular polarising lens, which reduces glare when snapping photos through glass.


Paladone Zombie Movie Making Kit (, £8)

Paladone Zombie Movie kit review

Fancy being a big-shot director, but no budget for actors, props and other essentials? Fear not, just eight quid nabs you this miniature movie set, complete with cardboard zombies and survivors, plus various props. Shoot it on your smartphone, then edit and upload to the internet and wait for the call from Mr Raimi. Also comes in a sci-fi flavour.


Duo Pinball Controller for iPad (, £18.49)

DUO Pinball review 

This clever stand props up your iPad on any flat surface, ready for some hot pinball action. You get flipper buttons on either side, recreating that arcade experience, as well as a spring-loaded plunger to virtually launch your balls. Compatible with the Pinball HD apps (found on Apple’s App Store), and buying this stand unlocks five brand new tables.


Fitbit Flex (, £79.99)

If you’re obsessed with tracking every bit of energy you expend, the Fitbit Flex is a must-buy. This nifty gizmo is a tiny black pellet that sits inside a rubber wristband and tracks every step you take throughout the day. The clever part is that it syncs wirelessly with your computer whenever you’re in range, via the bundled Bluetooth USB stick, and automatically uploads all your data. You can then see how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned, and check out a graph showing all of your ‘active minutes’. You can even set yourself calorie or distance goals to beat each day.


FitBit Flex review


Part of the Fitbit’s charm is its stylish design. You can get different-coloured wristbands and the light-up display, which shows how close you are to completing your daily goal with a swift double-tap, is very cool. We also love the additional features, such as the motivational achievements you can earn, and the ability to record your sleep patterns. It’s a pricey fitness gadget but it’s a great incentive to get active.

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