Three confirms contract sales of iPad Air

We know the iPad Air is coming, but Apple has yet to confirm the exact date of its arrival. That hasn't stopped Three from offering contract deals though.

To be fair to Three, it probably know it is coming at the end of November, so taking pre-orders now makes a lot of sense. With shortages expected for both new iPad models, it also makes sense to get your name down early if you want to go down the contract route.

The 4G-ready tablet is priced depending on model, usage and how much you are willing to pay upfront. So, for example, if you want to just pay £7.50 per month for an iPad Air, which gets you 1GB of rolling data, you will have to pay £499 upfront for the 16GB iPad Air, £579 for the 32GB model and a whopping £659 for the 64GB tablet.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you are willing to commit to Three for two years and want a hefty 15GB of data each month, 29 is the monthly cost, but the pay off is the tablet for £119 (16GB), £219 (32GB) or £289 (64GB). Other deals fall somewhere between those extremes.

The bonus for some customers will also be 4G for free at some point. Three will be offering its 4G service before the end of the year and as we have mentioned previously, it will be free to customers already contracted to the network. However, it is also likely to be limited, with just London, Birmingham, Manchester and Reading earmarked for an initial launch.

Of course, you could buy directly from Apple when it comes out and shop around for a data deal. But you might have to be quick off the mark in light of those supply issues.

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