First details of iPhone 6 emerge

There's every chance that you could be waiting for an iPhone 5s (pictured above). Or maybe you have just invested in Apple's mid-range iPhone 5c? Either way, there's that feeling of inevitability that your phone, however new it is now, will be old tech in a matter of months.

In fact, we can tell you how many months, if rumours prove true, Around 11 months. That's according to Japanese magazine Mac Fan, which claims the initial details of Apple's next smartphone are now set in stone.

it claims that the iPhone 6 (just one model mentioned right now) will launch sometime in September 2014. When it does, it will apparently come with a full HD 1080p Retina display, measuring five inches diagonally. We would guess iOS 8 too. In fact, it's nailed on.

Of course, that's just a rumour and almost a year off, but it all sounds pretty valid and a good starting point for Apple. Expect more rumours for the next 11 or so months, but don't expect to see any images of the new phone until at least the summer of next year.

Source: BGR

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