Motorola launches Project Ara

If you want to follow the crowd when it comes to buying a smartphone, this isn't likely to interest you. But if unique appeals. then Project Ara might be for you.

Motorola has confirmed that it has put its weight behind an earlier honebloks concept phone, which showed the idea of being able to switch about handset components to match your own needs.

Motorola is working with Phonebloks creator Dave Hakkens on what it describes as 'endoskeleton (endo) and modules,' with Motorola's Paul Eremenko confirming that the company had already 'done deep technical work'  on the system and is now opening it up to a wider community and volunteers.

You can sign up now to begin designing hardware modules, if you happen to be technically minded, with the end product, according to Motorola, hopefully a third-party developer ecosystem, which could advance phone development and innovation in the same way that third parties have pushed forward the apps market.

Changes could be to the processor, screen, battery, sensors - in fact anything on the hardware front. A Module Developer's Kit (MDK) will be released this winter, with discounts and free phones on offer for those active within the project.

For us, the consumer, it could mean phones that are upgraded piece by piece, which should mean cheaper upgrades and a benefit for the environment too. Expect this one to run and run, especially with Google's finance behind it.

Source: Engadget

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