Return rate for Samsung Galaxy Gear high

We heard last week that Samsung was increasing support for the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which might solve one if the biggest problems with the smartwatch - the volume being returned.

According to the Geek website, Best Buy locations all over the US have been fitted out with the 'Samsung experience', a mini-store staffed by Samsung employees that aims to help potential customers find the 'right' device for them.

Feedback from those mini-stores points to more than 30% of Galaxy Gear purchases being returned in Best Buy locations, with Samsung employees now being asked to help try to figure out why this is. After all, if it is happening in a place with strong Samsung support, you would guess there are issues elsewhere too.

It could be the fact that most handsets aren't yet compatible with it, although the Note 2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy S4 Active will be added to the list as part of that update.

Or it could be general consumer dissatisfaction with the add-on, which hasn't had the best of reviews since it launched and certainly isn't cheap. Time will tell on this one, but with the smartwatch market likely to be big business in 2014 (especially if Apple gets involved), we can't see Samsung giving up on its concept just yet.

Source: Geek

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