Twitter's Vine app gets a major update

It seems to have fought off a challenge from Instagram's video thanks to a very loyal following and now Vine has some new features to make the app even more attractive. Update the app (or download it the first time) and you'll get two new additions, those being Sessions and Time Travel.

First up, let's look at Sessions. Essentially, it allows you to save any post and come back to it later, rather than having to stick it up straight away. You can work on up to ten posts at once - simply tap the new icon in the bottom right corner of your camera to save a new session or open an existing one.

Secondly, Time Travel. This allows you to remove, reorganise or replace any shot within a post before you share it. Tap the green bar from the camera while you’re shooting, or tap 'Edit' when you’re previewing a post.

Two new features, but both significant ones, we would say. You can download the update from the App Store and Google Play right now.

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