Google Play event confirmed for 24 October

It seems like Google will be holding an event this week, but right now, no one is really sure whether this is the Nexus launch event or not.

When the invites starting landing for the 24 October New York event, everyone presumed this would be the day that we would finally see the much-leaked Nexus 5 and the lesser-seen updated Nexus 10 tablet. But since that initial excitement, a series of reports have pointed to anything but.

Google itself is talking this up as a general meet-up rather than a launch,  while the site added its own 'no hardware' claim based on its own sources. On top of that, the Android Police site added that the event 'won't have any news at all'.

But Google might simply be playing things down, as it did with the upgraded Nexus 7 launch. A launch has been long-rumoured before the end of October and with no events planned apart from this one, there is still a good chance of something being shown off by Google.

We say that more in hope than expectation though. The official line right now is nothing to see. But we'll only look away once the event has been and gone.

Sources: and Android Police on Twitter

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