Twitter Music could soon be closing

Remember when we all got excited over the launch of Twitter Music back in April? Chances are you do. But can you remember the last time you fired up the app? No, we can't either.

That's the problem and possibly the reason why Twitter is considering its options with Twitter Music. According to AllThingsD and 'multiple sources familiar with the matter', Twitter is strongly considering killing off its Twitter Music mobile application just months after launching it. According to the report, there is no timescale for this, but 'the app's fate is nearly sealed.'

Twitter Music was an instant download hit when it launched for iOS, driven by the anticipation and the excitement over a 'new' Twitter product. But as the months passed, the novelty and excitement died down, with sources claiming 'abysmal' numbers in iTunes App Store downloads and engagement since the first burst of publicity.

The app was built in isolation from the main Twitter project and was never fully integrated within Twitter. Former Twitter business development leader Kevin Thau, who was a driving force behind it, left soon after, leaving the product in no-man's land, with little promotion from Twitter as the weeks and months passed.

The report claims Twitter will not replace it as such, but is likely to work with other companies and brands on music-related deals instead. Twitter itself isn't commenting on the story, which doesn't exactly sound like support of its product to us. If you are a fan, perhaps make the most of the coming weeks and months with the app. Or spend the time looking for an alternative.

Source: AllThingsD

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