Tesco unveils its 4G deals

Tesco is making things nice and simple for its 4G deals - which could bring with it a lot of custom.

Let's be honest, trying to work through the plethora of 4G deals right now isn't all that easy. You need a good half hour and a calculator to hand to make any sense of what's the best for you. Tesco is perhaps acutely aware of that.

Basically, everyone will be offered 4G as part of the sign-up process of a new deal called the 'flexi-bendi' tariff (a name which probably took a think tank weeks to come up with). You'll get to a page offering you 4G for an added £2.50 per month, if you want it, go ahead. If not, say 'no'. That's about the size of it. You can easily switch back if it's not for you.

Before you say yes or no, you'll have to be ware of a few things. First up, you'll need a 4G device, which Tesco will have listed on its site. Secondly, it uses O2's network. Coverage with O2 on 4G is limited right now as the network finds its feet. London, Leeds, Bradford, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Liverpool and Sheffield get 4G, other places do not right now. That's definitely something to factor in, although new locations are constantly being added.

Also, note that this is for monthly contracts and SIM-only tariffs. PAYG will follow, but it isn't here yet. However you can add it to an existing contract - there is no compulsion to set up a new contract here, which is a massive plus for existing customers.

It all sounds simple and rings of common sense. Other networks, look and learn.

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