Apple confirms 22 October launch event

It isn't an exclusively mobile event, but mobile devices are likely to be the most talked-about launches at the upcoming Apple launch event.

Those devices should be a new iPad and an upgraded iPad mini. In fact, we'll be blown away if they don't launch. Rumours have flown about concerning both launches, with the general consensus pointing to a fifth-generation iPad with the new 64-bit A7 processor (as seen on the iPhone 5s), possibly with a slimmer profile too. A recent leak has also indicated the presence of a Touch ID scanner (again, like the 5s smartphone), but that's far from certain.

Also launching will be the new iPad mini. The big change there should be a high-resolution Retina display, again with the possibility of a Touch ID scanner.

As we said, this isn't an exclusively mobile event. The tag line 'we still have a lot to cover' points to Apple clearing the decks with its latest computer software (OS X Mavericks) and new Mac hardware.

But the morning after, it's the iPads we'll be talking about - and hopefully not something relating to stock shortages.

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