iPhone trade-in program now in UK Apple stores

It has been running outside of stores in the past, but now you can walk into your local Apple store and get some money off a shiny new iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s by trading in your current model.

What you get depends on what you have - and the condition of what you have. But if you happen to be trading in a recent model with plenty of storage in excellent condition, the headline price is £175 off a new model. Of course, that's a discount off new Apple mobile hardware, not cash in your claw.

Apple commented that 'iPhones hold great value', adding that old phones will either be reused on recycled, depending on age or condition.Either way, it's getting a new life or being dealt with, not just sitting in that top drawer for years.

It might be worth checking out if you are upgrading, but there are also a range of other trade-in bodies that will give you cash rather than credit, as well as eBay, which is always a healthy market for old phones.

Do your homework, then see what Apple can offer you. With the price of new phones, you'll want as much money as you can get when upgrading.

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