Apple said to be halving production of iPhone 5c

It was said to be the cheap iPhone, but turned out to be the slightly cheaper iPhone at launch. Perhaps that's why the iPhone 5c isn't the runaway success Apple had hoped it would be.

At least, that's what we're assuming in light of Apple cutting daily production of the smartphone. Chinese website C Technology has reported the drop in production, citing inside sources claiming sales of the colourful smartphone are disappointing. How disappointing isn't clear. We're probably talking figures other manufacturers can only dream of. But this is Apple and if it's not flying out of the door, it's an issue.

From what we saw at retailers, supply wasn't a problem when the iPhone 5c launched, with the cheaper variation of the new iPhone seemingly available everywhere from day one. If initial demand was met, perhaps Apple no longer needs the production to be at the top of the scale. Although you would expect a bump in sales as we approach Christmas.

It is also worth noting that production has dropped from 300,000 per day to 150,000 per day. That latter figure is still a significant amount coming out of the door each day. It might also leave some slack in the production process to boost the iPhone 5s, which has been in short supply since day one.

As we previously reported, Apple is pushing for increased production of the iPhone 5s, particularly in the gold colourway, which has been virtually impossible to find on any shelves. Cutting production of the 5c might help help Apple to fulfil orders for the premium model.

Not that Apple is commenting. All we know is that between them, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sold nine million units in the first weekend alone. So don't go thinking Apple's bottom line is under threat. It almost certainly isn't.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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