Mobile Choice Awards 2013: Best Multimedia Phone

In the not-too-distant past, the best source of mobile entertainment was Snake running on a green screen. Modern handsets offer so much entertainment in comparison, taking movies, music, web browsing and games wherever their users go. But which smartphone is tops?



Samsung Galaxy Note II

If you’re catching a movie on the go, the 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED screen perched on the front of the Samsung Galaxy Note II is the way to treat yourself. Despite rocking glorious high definition at 1280 x 920 pixels, the device pumps out a massive 10 hours of video on a single charge. Plus, its powerful processor – backed up by 2GB of memory – means you’ll nary see a stutter during playback. The sensitivity of the Wacom technology has also been dialled up to register the differing weights of your S-Pen strokes when sketching. We were bowled over when simply writing our signature, so arty types will really feel the difference. 






HTC brought the sound and the fury and almost scooped this prize. Most smartphone speakers are tinny wastes of space, but the One can fill a small room no problem. Beats Audio is built-in as usual – restoring life to low-quality, ageing or tired tunes – but it’s the dual-speaker BoomSound set-up that pumps out truly impressive sounds. 



Apple iPhone 5

The extra space gifted by the iPhone 5’s screen hasn’t made it any less sharp, as it packs in the same vibrant 326 pixels-per-inch, while photos and videos are even more stunningly realistic thanks to bolder, deeper colours. Better yet, the years of aural abuse on the commute are over, as those leaky earphones have been redesigned.


Nokia Lumia 925

The Nokia Lumia 925’s 4.5-inch AMOLED display is a marvel that holds its own against the big boys. The glass is impressively thin, so the screen seems to hover on the surface rather than being sunken down inside the phone. Viewing angles are also as wide as you can get – the phone has to be tilted almost 90 degrees before images start to darken.


Samsung Galaxy S 4

Place Samsung’s flagship handset side-by-side with the S III and the change in display size is dramatic. HD video and images look incredible on that now supersize five-inch screen, which packs in an incredible 441ppi. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 also integrates into your home entertainment set-up in a whole new way, using WatchOn to control your TV service provider.


Sony Xperia Z

Even when tilted at an outrageous angle, the viewing experience on the Xperia Z is marvellous. Its beautiful five-inch display kicks out razor-sharp Full HD, powered by Sony’s own Mobile Bravia Engine 2. The rich colour reproduction is like triple-chocolate brownies for your eyeballs and this is one of the finest ways to enjoy movies, games and web browsing on the move. 


Congratulations to all of the winners. You can find all of the incriminating photos on our official MCAwards 2013 website, and a full list of the 2013 Mobile Choice Award winners can be found here

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