Mobile Choice Awards 2013: Best Mobile Phone Recycling Service

A good mobile phone recycling service can free up some much needed cash and decrease the strain on our planet’s resources, as estimates of the number of unused devices languishing in UK drawers run between 60 million and 90 million. More than 7,000 readers voted for their favourite...



Mazuma Mobile

Mazuma users were very impressed with its service overall. Those voting ranked it quite good (23 percent), very good (36 percent) and excellent (28 percent), leaving very few dissatisfied users. Mazuma also attracted the largest number of responses overall, proving it is a popular choice among recyclers.





O2 Recycle

Only 1.3 percent of people who used O2 Recycle felt that their experience was poor, which was the lowest in our poll. That left an awful lot who were pleased with the trade-in service and it ran a very close second to Mazuma, with 60 percent rating it very good and excellent. 



Asda Tech Trade-in

Customers liked the fact that Asda Tech operates a tradein policy promising it ‘will not be beaten on price’ by Boots, Envirofone, Mazuma, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, offering to pay any difference on higher quotes from those sources. Only slightly lower overall ratings kept it out of the top two.


EE Recycle & Reward

A smaller number of voters had traded their gadgets in with EE – when viewed against Mazuma’s larger polling – but comments were very favourable and the ratings from quite good to excellent made up 84 percent of the total votes cast.



Envirofone was another company that had impressed its users and a few more votes in the excellent rating (19 percent) to bolster the scores for very good (34 percent) and quite good (31 percent) would have seen it challenge for the top two spots.


Congratulations to all of the winners. You can find all of the incriminating photos on our official MCAwards 2013 website, and a full list of the 2013 Mobile Choice Award winners can be found here

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