Nexus 10 launch 'closer'

It's been very much under the radar, but a refresh of the current Nexus 10 tablet is said to be coming soon.

The latest pointer comes from serial leak merchants @evleaks, which has posted that the device is 'getting closer' after posting a document said to come from a 'planning group' for the larger Google tablet. Interestingly, that same document claimed that the tablet, previously made by Samsung, will now be made by Asus.

That hints at more than a refresh. This is an all-new device. However, all we know so far is that this is a 10-inch tablet with Wi-Fi, so a good amount of detail is obviously being kept back.

The general consensus is that the tablet will launch alongside the Nexus 5 at the showcase for the next version of the Android platform, currently going by the name of KitKat. That could be as soon as 14 October, although nothing is set in stone as yet.

But when the event does happen, it's now looking likely to be a busy one.

Source: TechRadar

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