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The All Access service has been in the UK since August, but one of the things holding back Google Music has been a lack of an iOS app. That could be dealt with in the very near future.

According to those usual 'sources', Google is currently testing a native Google Music iOS app, with the idea of launching it later this month. Employees are currently doing the testing, with a few bugs being dealt with ahead of that launch.

The big problem for the iOS app is a lack of Flash compatibility on Apple's mobile devices. Google uses Flash to enforce DRM restrictions on its music, something insisted on by the record labels. It looks like a solution or a compromise has been reached with the new app if a launch is going ahead.

We're not sure if the app will effectively be a mirror image of the Android app, but Google is said to be including the same 'custom radio and smart recommendation features' found in that Android app, so there's every chance it will be similar.

The app will be free though, although the service will not be. You will be looking at the best part of £10 to use it in the UK.

Source: Engadget

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