LG to launch phone with curved screen

We have been talking about Samsung's flexible screen technology since the start of the year, with no hint of any other manufacturer going down the same road. Well, it seems LG has been doing something similar and keeping its activities very low key.

According to ZDNet Korea, LG is launching a phone with a flexible screen, a 6-inch smartphone said to be curved like a banana. The image above hints at what that will look like. The idea is for an even view if you are looking at it directly, with your eyes equidistant to every part of the screen, offering a better movie-viewing experience.

Is it curved or does it bend? That's not exactly clear right now, but there is information pointing to  a Full HD screen, 4G connectivity and a Snapdragon 800 processor.

Interestingly, a report on Engadget shows a different curved phone LG, but with similar details - a 6-inch device going by the name of the LG G Flex, with a launch expected in November.

With LG kit, we're never sure if it is bound for the UK or not. But in this case, it could be a hint of what's to come generally. Especially with Samsung planning something along the same lines in the not-too-distant future.

Sources: Crave and Engadget

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