Apple rolls out iOS 7.0.2

Check your iPhone or iPad. If you upgraded to iOS 7, you should another update waiting for you now.

I know, another tiresome update on you're phone. But this one is worthy of your effort. iOS 7.0.2 fixes the lockscreen bug we reported just over a week or so, which effectively lets someone with the know how to skip past Apple's first line of security and gain access to some sensitive material within via the Control Center. Ity was a difficult thing to pull off, but certainly possible. At the very least, the upgrade offers some peace of mind.

Apple acknowledged the issue at the time and has acted quickly to fill that particular hole, stating that the new fix sorts out 'bugs that allow someone to bypass the lockscreen passcode' on the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch. The update also adds a Greek option for passcodes too, should that be your first language.

If you are in a Wi-Fi zone (as the download is between 17MB and 20MB), look out for the notification for the update and download it now. It might save you some embarrassment if your handset or tablet falls into the wrong hands.

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