Budget Motorola DVX rumoured

Not long after the Moto X made its official debut, it was confirmed that the phone would not be coming to the UK. However, there was talk of a budget Google phone for Europe. Could that phone be the Motorola DVX?

We're not sure, to be honest, but it look like Motorola is planning a budget smartphone and the DVX certainly fits the bill. The image above is said to be a back plate for the cheaper Moto X, which is about all we have so far. Well, apart from it apparently lacking 4G connectivity (which might be a deal breaker for some) and the fact that it will have changeable back plates - four in total.

There has been unofficial talk of a budget Moto X for some time, something that was officially backed up (but not completely confirmed) by Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside a while back. He said a 'less expensive' Moto X was being developed to appeal to international customers in markets where people 'generally don't buy' subsidised devices, as well as the prepaid market in the US. Yes, it's vague, especially in UK terms, but it does point to a phone in development.

Mr Woodside also added that the phone in question could be here this year: 'Moto X is the brand that we are most focused on,' he said. 'And there is more to come. You will see additional products within months.'

In the past, a price of around £216 was mentioned. If the technology is right underneath that colourful cladding, Motorola could have a Nexus 4-like winner on its hands.

Source: The Verge

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