Samsung to launch smartphone with curved display

The whole story is no doubt getting confused by translation tools, but the bottom line seems to be a smartphone with a curved or flexible display from Samsung before the year is out.

The story probably starts at the CES at the start of 2013, when Samsung showed off its flexible screen technology. Since then, we've been expecting its use in hardware, but launches of flagships like the Galaxy S4 and the Note 3 have come and gone without a flexible screen in sight.

Fast forward to this week and a story in the Asian Daily claiming that a Galaxy Note 3 will be released next month with a flexible screen as a limited edition. The screen will apparently be 'malleable' and 'virtually unbreakable'.

Then not long after, a further source by the name of Yonhap News claimed a Samsung device will launch with a 'curved' display sometime in the last quarter of 2014. It will use an OLED panel that will be 'curve-shaped' to 'differentiate' it from the rest of the Samsung line-up.

The pieces are coming together, but I think we're still some way off the final picture. Although, with a pre-Christmas launch being talked about, perhaps not too far away from seeing the device being shown off from Samsung. We'll keep digging.

Sources: Pocket Lint and Engadget

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