Apple to ramp up gold iPhone 5s production

Did you manage to get yourself an iPhone 5s? Apple's latest flagship smartphone hit the shelves on Friday, but not as many shelves as they (or us) would like. You'll be hard pushed to find one with retailers now, with demand easily outstripping supply on day one. Especially for one model.

The gold-coloured iPhone 5s is the one to have, it seems. It's also the hardest one to find. On day one, Apple was offering delivery of the other two colours in around 7 - 10 days, But the gold iPhone 5s was just marked down as 'October'. Shortages from the off, it would seem.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is pushing suppliers to bump up production of the gold iPhone 5s, with the aim of getting production up a third to feed that pre-Christmas demand. That has been backed up by AllThingsD, which claims Apple's manufacturing partners have been asked to 'significantly' increase production of the phone.

Even allowing for that any agreement, we would expect the gold iPhone to be in sort supply for some weeks yet (if not longer), as increased quotas would take time to feed through to the market. Sadly, it seems that the lack of that colour has also dented stock of the other colours too. Apple's online store is now quoting a non-specific October date for new stock of those too.

Sources: AllThingsD and WSJ

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