Lock screen bug blights iOS 7 rollout

Got the update to iOS 7? It's certainly an impressive upgrade, especially for free. But already, there's a worrying problem with it.

A bug has been discovered, which can give access to your phone despite the lock screen functionality being pushed onto phones with the move to iOS 7. Once in, the user can gain access to the device's photos app, giving further access to email or the social network account associated with that device.

It seems you can access the alarm clock through Control Center, make your way into the multitasking menu, then shift into the camera app from there. A video being circulated shows how easy this task is, with the task subsequently being replicated by numerous users. This isn't just theory.

Lock screen bugs aren't new and we suspect Apple will be onto this one pretty swiftly. Indeed, Apple has confirmed that it is aware of the bug, so we would expect a patch in the very near future.

In the meantime, watch where you leave your updated iPhone (or new iPhone). Or disable the ability to access Control Center from the lock screen, which you can do in the Settings area.

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