Apple's iPhone 5s goes on sale

You might well have been greeted by an email from Apple this morning, informing you that the iPhone 5s has landed at the Apple store. It has, in theory.

Apple has delayed its online pre-ordering for the iPhone 5s until the day of launch, with more delays once you order. Initially, that is 7 - 10 days, with the gold backed phone shipping in 'October'. That is likely to slip further as the orders come in during the day.

Of course, you can get yourself to an Apple store, but why big queues at the main outlets, that culled eat into your day - and even then you might be disappointed. So how about a network shop?

It seems the rumours of stock shortages on the hight street were also true. O2 has confirmed that it will not have any stock today, only a demonstration model for customers to test. You can order one though, with stock to follow as and when it is available. Vodafone is claiming some stock will be available in some stores, but it sounds patchy and doesn't exactly fill you with confidence. The big city outlets are probably your best bet. Give your local branch a call to save a journey though.

A number of insiders are claiming that the iPhone 5c will be widely available from today, with some going as far as suggesting that this is a deliberate tactic to drive sales towards the cheaper iPhone model.

Apple is unlikely to be concerned. Long-term sales will inevitably be strong, with short-term demand and shortages only likely to drive demand and build up anticipation even more. In short, Apple will still be a winner.

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