iPhone 5s handset shortages expected

If there are two things you can rely on every year, it's an X Factor number one at Christmas and a shortage of the new iPhone. Looks like one of those things is about to become reality for yet another year.

In fact, if the rumours are true, stock of the iPhone 5s will be even lower this year than for previous iPhine launches. That's according the AllThingsD, which is citing sources at the US carriers. Ok, this is the US, but let's be honest, if the US is hurting when it comes to stock levels, the UK will be hurting as much, if not a little more.

'We will have grotesquely unavailable inventory,' was how one carrier source put it. That doesn't sound great. Another mentioned 'extremely disappointing shipments', although that was qualified by a belief that demand will be less than usual, affected by expected demand for the colourful iPhone 5c, which goes on public sale on the same day.

Apple, of course, is refusing to comment. But it's looking like you might want to join a queue sooner rather than later if you want an iPhone 5s in your hand when the pubs open on Friday.

Source: AllThingsD

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