iPhone 5c priced up by networks

Orders for the SIM-free model opened up last week, but with the networks, all we had were the details of the O2 contracts. Thankfully, we now had a broader picture of pricing for the iPhone 5c on contract.

All the other networks have come forward with deals, which don't really reflect the idea of this as a more affordable Apple option. OK, it's going to be cheaper than the iPhone 5s, but this isn't entry-level by any stretch of the imagination.

Vodafone is asking £42 per month, for two years, which is a total outlay of £1,008 over the two years of ownership if you want the 16GB handset for 'free' with 2GB of data. But there are other deals available. Pay £19 for the phone and you get it for £37 monthly with unlimited texts and calls, plus 1GB of data. Want to go 4G? You can do that too, but £47 per month is the price if you want the phone for free, which includes 4GB of data. You probably want to check Vodafone's coverage before you opt for that though.

EE, of course, has far more extensive coverage of 4G, but deals don't come massively cheaper there. EE is recommending its £36 monthly 4G deal, but you'll be paying £69.99 upfront for the 16GB phone, which includes 1.5GB of data, plus unlimited calls and texts.

If you prefer 3G, you are looking at £89 up front with £31 per month at T-Mobile, while Orange wants £30 up front for the phone, with £37 per month for the contract.

Three will also be selling the phone, with an example 16GB Apple iPhone 5C deal being £49 upfront for a £41 a month contract. That comes with all you can eat data, along with 2000 any network minutes, 5000 texts and 5000 Thee-to-Three minutes. A £37 a month contract will get you 500 minutes, 5000 texts and unlimited data. No 4G for Three until December though, although you will be offered a free update with the network if you have a compatible device (like the iPhone 5c) at that time.

Those are all just example deals. If you want to tweak them to your needs, see the full range at the networks' respective websites.

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