Tizen 3 OS shown off on Samsung Galaxy S4

We have mentioned Tizen a little in the past, but a lack of more extensive coverage perhaps tells you that Samsung's platform hasn't exactly made great inroads so far. But looking at this new version, it might be about to get the step up it needs.

The image above shows Tizen 3, the next incarnation of Samsung's in-house platform, which is due to launch in early 2014. It was acquired by Tizen Indonesia and shows a platform that looks like a massive step up from previous efforts. The interface is bright and bold, looking to have taken a nod to iOS 7, Android, but especially the Windows Phone interface.

Samsung is said to have big plans for it, with the idea of running Tizen across all Samsung devices, not just your mobile ones. Which should mean a nice crossover and ease of use if you favour the company's gadgets.

Probably worth pursuing for Samsung too. Right now, when it comes to mobiles, Samsung relies heavily on Android, pushing more money into Google's purse with every device it sells. Saying that, Android is also a big selling point for the company too. But just in case the relationship turns sour, it looks to have an ace up its sleeve.

More on this at the CES show at the start of 2014 we suspect.

Source: Unwired View

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