Apple confirms iPhone launch events

Well, we had second guessed the date already, but it is nice to see Apple confirming things for the next iPhone event, which takes place next week, specifically on 10 September.

It has done that with the colourful invite above (*hint hint*), ushering in an event pretty much a year since the last one. The iPhone 5S is pretty much a nailed on launch. There is still some debate about the actual name, but the consensus seems to be 5S rather than 6.

That brightly-coloured invite also looks to confirm the second heavily-rumoured launch, the iPhone 5C. That phone has been the subject of several leaked shots (real or not), which all point to a colourful outer case for what is said to be Apple's budget iPhone. Although in reality is likely to be more affordable rather than outright cheap. This is Apple after all, which has a reputation at the premium end of the market.

There should be another showcase for iOS 7 before it is offered for download and just possibly, a new iPad. Although that might get a refresh just a little further down the line.

The events take place in California and Berlin. We will, of course, be reporting everything as it happens.

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  1. Andy1
    Andy Stevens 4th Sep 2013

    The iPhone has become a joke since the release of the iPhone 4. When the iPhone 3 was launched it was ground breaking. Never before have we seen a mob...

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