Google names next Android version KitKat

We've been talking about Key Lime Pie for so long, the phrasing almost seems natural to us. But it's not quite got the 'grab' Google demands of a product name.

Instead, it has gone with something everyone know - KitKat. Yes, Android KitKat is the new name for Android 4.4, which seems to be something of a marketing coup for KitKat maker Nestle. After all, millions of media agencies and tech fans will be uttering its name for months, if not years, in a new context.

However, speaking to the BBC, John Lagerling, director of Android global partnerships, denied this was a money spinner for either party: 'This is not a money-changing-hands kind of deal,' he said, adding it was simply something 'fun and unexpected'.

But there are potential problems with such a deal.

'If your brand is hooked up with another, you inevitably become associated with that other brand, for good or ill,' claims Simon Myers, a partner at the consultancy Prophet.

'If that brand or business has some reputational issues that emerge, it would be naive to think as a brand owner that your good name, your brand equity, would not be affected.'

Here's hoping that doesn't happen. We're also hoping for some information on the platform itself too. All we have out of Google so far is that it will be 'an amazing Android experience available for everybody', which indicates upgrading will not be an issue.

Google also confirmed that it now has over one billion Android device activations, following on from the 900 million mark passed back in May this year. If the Nexus 5 breaks cover anytime soon, that figure could rocket further before the end of 2013.

Source: BBC

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