Staff holidays point to new iPhone shelf dates

It's all in the detail. In this case, the details of a holiday block at AppleCare, which points to the shelf date of the upcoming Apple mobile hardware.

We already have it on pretty decent authority that Apple will launch its latest iPhone at an event on 10 September, but the day on which it will be available is something yet to be ascertained. However, according to AppleInsider, which has got hold of an internal document, AppleCare employees are being blocked from taking holidays from 15 - 28 September. Why? Presumably because they will be very busy over that time.

Now, that 15 September date could be a red herring - it's probably the start of the working week. Apple launches new product on a Friday. With that in mind, 20 September (which has previously been rumoured) is likely to be the day you get your hands on the hardware.

Previous years have also seem the new OS drop a couple of days before, which means we could see iOS 7 offered for download on Wednesday 18 September.

With two handsets and a new operating system, it's no wonder holidays have been restricted. Who knows, we might even have a new iPad too? Only time will tell - and not a lot of time of that 10 September launch date proves to be genuine.

Source: AppleInsider

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