Metal body expected on Samsung Galaxy S5

New flagship phones aren't just thrown together at the last minute. Oh no. it takes months of planning before the big launch event, which means months of rumours as small details build up into the bigger picture. The first of those leaks have just emerged regarding one of the biggest launches of 2014, the Samsung Galaxy S5.

It's quite a welcome one too. In  the past, even premium Samsung phones (like the S4 above) have maintained a plastic casing, which takes away some of the appeal of the hardware and features within. However, according to the Korean publication ET News, Samsung is looking to change this policy to keep up with the rest of the market.

It claims Samsung's 2014 roster will use magnesium, aluminium and other metals in their body, instead of the usual polycarbonate. Kicking things off will be the Samsung Galaxy S5, which is likely to launch in the middle of 2014. After that, the redesigns will trickle down to other more affordable models.

New designs are already being worked on at Samsung's factory in South Korea, testing both designs and materials for them. Once finalised, the completed designs are likely to be produced in Vietnam, another departure for Samsung.

What the S5 will offer in terms of features, we don't know. Although there was recent talk of a camera with OIS (optical image stabilisation), which was planned for the Note 3, but looks to have missed the cut due to a lack of development time.

Plenty of time to get it into the S5 though. Probably around nine months.

Source: Phone Arena

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