Samsung Galaxy Gear control screen leaks

We know there is a Samsung Unpacked event planned for 4 September and after some loose talk from Samsung, we now know that the Samsung Galaxy Gear will be showcased alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. What we don't know is very much about the smartwatch.

Rumours haven't given a great deal away and a genuine leaked image still eludes us, despite the event being just days away. The best we have are these control screens, recently leaked by the @evleaks Twitter account.

They do tell us more than you might think at first glance. The screens show  the Gear Manager, the smartphone app that will effectively control the watch. Indeed, the first one shows how to connect your watch and smartphone via NFC, creating an automatic connection via Bluetooth.

The second screen shows the device (model number SM-V700) connected to a phone, with a section to control and select apps (Samsung and third party), set the time, general settings and interestingly, 'find my watch' if it doesn't happen to be on your wrist.

It's an overview of just what the watch will do - pretty much what we expected. Whether the watch on the first screen is a fair representation or not, we don't know. But so far, it is as near as we have got to it.

We'll be a lot nearer next week. Indeed, we wouldn't be surprised to see the watch in full ahead of that Samsung event, It has done well so far keeping it under wraps, but these things rarely go the full distance.

Sources: Engadget and evleaks

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