BlackBerry could turn BBM into a separate company

We did hear that BlackBerry was looking at options for selling the company, but it looks like its most important asset could avoid the cull in the short term.

Indeed, according to a Wall Street Journal report, BBM could become a separate company and be expanded in the process. The report, citing people 'familiar with the matter', claims BBM Inc would beer formed. That company would operate away from BlackBerry, being built up, perhaps with a view to selling up further down the line.

It could be quite an asset too. BBM is one of the more significant parts of the BlackBerry empire and a key selling point for BlackBerry hardware. It seems that the new company would attempt to make itself more enticing by adding new products under the BBM name.

Launching for iOS and Android will obviously increase its appeal - and that's likely to happen very soon. But there's also talk of a desktop BBM too, which would obviously mean you can keep in touch with your mobile buddies from your desk. Throw in video chat too and it could be a much more compelling proposition.

Nothing has yet been confirmed by BlackBerry, but it does look increasingly like BBM will be pushing itself across as many devices as possible over the next 12 months - and pushing away from BlackBerry.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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