New figures show Android still dominates the mobile market

Apple's iPhone might still win the 'one on one' contest with any other smartphone, but when it comes to platforms, Android reigns supreme worldwide.

According to market research company Gartner, Android had 79 per cent of the market share in the second quarter of 2013. That's up from 64.2 per cent of sales in the same quarter last year. Part of that comes out of Apple's share of the market, which decreased from 18.8 per cent, down to 14.2 per cent worldwide over the same yearly period.

As for the rest, that's really just Windows and BlackBerry. Microsoft's platform edged up a little more, with 3.3 per cent of sales in the quarter, up from a previous 2.6 per cent. BlackBerry, despite having a new platform to show off this year, saw a marked fall from 5.2 per cent last year to a current 2.7 per cent.

As for smartphone makers, Samsung's tactic of producing a phone for every price point sees them leading the way at 31.7 per cent alongside Google, helped along by the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 pictured here. Apple is on that 14.2 per cent figure once more (as OS use and phone sales tend to be the same). Other notable sellers were LG at 5.1 per cent and ZTE at 4.3 per cent.

With all of that in mind, you can see why Apple is keen to break into the the more affordable market, which it is likely to do next month with the iPhone 5C.

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