App Review: CBeebies Playtime (iOS, Android, Kindle)

Although a couple of dodgy third party CBeebies apps have hit the apps stores in the past, CBeebies Playtime is the Beeb’s first official app to complement the children’s channel. With the kind of excellent production values you’d expect from the BBC, CBeebies Playtime offers up a range of educational and fun mini-games that should keep younger kids happy.


CBeebies Playtime app review


Up to four kids can set up individual profiles, complete with their own personally-designed balloons that can even feature a photo of their smiling (or otherwise) faces. CBeebies Playtime kicks off when your balloon lands in a cartoony world, the hub which currently contains four different games:


Alphablocks Word Magic – For very young users, this spelling game shows you a picture and has you tapping or dragging letters to spell out its name.


Something Special Paint Pop – Another simple game that has you popping paint bubbles to decorate Mr Tumble’s costume. You can scale the difficulty to make the bubbles big or small, fast or slow, depending on your child’s skill levels.


CBeebies Playtime app review


Octonauts Cadet Training – A fun little submarine adventure that has you pushing buttons to guide the sub through obstacles, shaking rocks off of hapless sea creatures and more. You can also shout at an unhappy Orca to attract her attention, something that will delight parents we’re sure.


Tree Fu Tom Chuckleberry Chase – A reaction game similar to Temple Run which has you collecting fruit while dodging obstacles. This is aimed at older children and provides a good challenge.


CBeebies Playtime app review


The colourful graphics, playful sounds and good range of games should be a massive draw to CBeebies fans, and Playtime is completely free to download, with no pesky in-app purchases (good news for Daddy’s wallet). Parents can also rest easy knowing their kids can’t jump out of the app when their backs are turned – a PIN system is in place to keep them from any shenanigans.

With more games and expanded content promised in the future, CBeebies Playtime is a no-brainer instant download for parents and their young ‘uns.

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