Game Review: Droidscape (iOS)

While Droidscape sounds like your typical simple mobile action game – guide your robot fella to the exit of each room while picking up gems and dodging enemies – it throws a couple of curve balls that set it apart from the crowd.


Firstly, you have to map out your robot’s path before it even takes a single step, plotting a route that will take it safely home while maximising your collectibles. When the level actually starts, you can’t change this route – all you can do is speed up or slow down the cute little chunk of metal, or throw it into reverse if you get into serious shutzpah.


iOS game review Droidscape for iPhone and iPad


The on-screen controls are simple and easy to fiddle with, even on the tiny iPhone display, and the developers’ second curve ball comes in the form of optional motion controls. This mode can be swapped to at any time, and involves speeding up or slowing down your robot by tilting your head rather than pushing a virtual lever. It’s cool that Kyttaro Games has tried something different, and the mode is clearly labelled as ‘experimental’, but frankly it’s so head-smashingly frustrating that we gave up after just a couple of minutes. Plus, it makes you look like a complete plank on the tube.


You get sixty increasingly-tricky levels to storm through (with more promised soon), and each level comes with three achievements that score you on time taken, distance covered and gems collected. These are scored in gold, silver or bronze, so there’s plenty of replayability if you’re determined to get a perfect score in everything. It’s addictive enough to encourage lengthy gaming sessions but can also be picked up for a quick five-minute effort, so we highly recommend it to action puzzle fans.

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