Vodafone confirms HTC One Mini availability

It launched last month, with our review praising it as a more 'manageable' version of its big brother. If that's the kind of phone you want in your life, the HTC One Mini has just been confirmed on the Vodafone network.

Of course, Vodafone has just confirmed itself as a 4G network and the HTC one Mini is a 4G phone, so there's obviously a 4G deal about. The cheapest one on the table right now (if you want the 'free' phone) is £34 per month, which gets you unlimited texts and minutes, along with 2GB of data per month. That's a 24-month deal, by the way.

As a bonus, you get unlimited data for the first three months, which is nice, but it also means it will be hard to drop down to a low tariff further down the line. Shrewd move. Anyway, sign up now and you get that and first use of Vodafone's 4G network when it launches on 29 August. You might want to check if it's available in your area before committing though.

If 4G isn't available (or you just don't fancy it), the HTC One Mini is also available on a 3G deal. £29 per month gets you the freebie phone and 1GB of data over the same 24 months.

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