Apple kicks off iPhone charger trade-in

After reports of injuries and even one death worldwide, Apple has decided to act on non-official iPhone adaptors by offering replacements in its Apple Stores.

Not free though, but a deal that might tempt you to cut down on the risk when you power up your iPhone with a third-party charger. It's called the USB Power Adaptor Takeback Programme and was started in China, where dodgy chargers are a big problem. The scheme has now been extended further afield, with UK customers now able to take advantage.

Just go to your Apple Store with your adaptor and swap it for official Apple kit. Except there's money involved. You will need to pay £8 for an iPhone charger or £15 for an iPad charger. Thats cheaper than usual retail,   but still money out of your pocket - on top of the cash you paid for the original one.

Still, it might save you from serious injury or worse, so it seems like a small price to pay.

Source: Crave

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