BlackBerry 9720 officially launches

The company might be looking for buyers or investors, but that doesn't mean an end to new product from BlackBerry. Indeed, just a days or so after it announced it was looking at selling options, the company has launched the BlackBerry 9720. But don;'t get too excited.

This isn't another attempt to push forward its latest BB10 platform, this is a phone running the rather long in the tooth BlackBerry 7 OS, albeit using version 7.1 here. With that in mind, we would expect this to be aimed at anyone looking for the BlackBerry experience on a budget. Or the teen market, if you like.

Beyond the OS, you'll find the reliable curved shape and QWERTY keyboard, along with a 2.8-inch touchscreen, a dedicated BBM key (which hints again at where this phone is aimed) plus a built-in FM radio.

No definite pricing as yet, the networks should have that in the coming weeks. But the BlackBerry 9720 is definitely coming to the UK.

Written by Mobile Choice
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