Motorola said to be making Google Nexus 5

With all the talk of the Moto X (pictured here) and a possible budget model to follow, we have lost track of another potential big launch this year, the Google Nexus 5.

The thing is, the two stories could well be tied together. Prominent Android blogger Taylor Wimberly has taken to Google+ (obviously) to drop some nuggets of information on the upcoming smartphone. His simple statement was: 'Motorola will release a Nexus smart phone in Q4 (that is not the Moto X)'.

Not a great deal there, but this was a man who had a good insight into the Moto X ahead of launch and with that in mind, he's probably a man in the know. Obviously there was talk of a budget Motorola phone heading our way, which suggests something along the same lines. Is the new Nexus by Motorola the worldwide launch we've been promised by that company? It could well be.

After all, the Nexus 4's success was down to Google and LG producing a competitive smartphone for an equally competitive price point (if you bought directly from Google). With Motorola being 'in house', Google has the chance to do the same again as a follow-up.

Nothing concrete has been reported about the Nexus 5 so far, just claims that it will host a Nikon camera and have a 5.2-inch screen. If that official launch is as soon as next month, we would expect to see those leaks turn from trickle to avalanche very soon.

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