10 September said to be date for new iPhone launch

According to those ever vague 'sources', Apple will hold the next iPhone event on 10 September 2013.

That's according to the AllThingsD site, which points to the launch of both the updated iPhone 5S and the a budget iPhone 5C. While the latter is likely to get most of the headlines, the idea of a 'budget' iPhone is perhaps just as significant.

Apple's tactic for the lower price market is usually to sell off its older models at discounted prices.  But with more manufacturers opting to create new designs for the mid-range market (Apple's phone certainly isn't going to be cheap), the company looks to be adopting a new tactic in the battle for market share.

What the iPhone 5S will offer isn't entirely clear despite a multitude of leaks. A new processor and camera are certainties, a fingerprint scanner less so. It will also be running iOS 7. As will the iPhone 5C though, which is likely to cut down on the overall costs of other parts and the design, which is widely rumoured to come with plastic cladding.

If that date holds (and we think it will), we'll know for sure in just under a month.

Source: AllThingsD

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