Google Music All Access lands in the UK

Well, hay took us by surprise. Not just the (earlier than expected) launch of Google Music All Access, but the price too.

The price is £7.99, which undercuts Spotify by a couple of quid. With times tough, that could be a shrewd move by Google. That price is good if you sign up before 15 September, otherwise, we're talking the same money as Spotify at £9.99., There's also a free trial too, allowing you to try things out for 30 days without cost.

As for the service, it has been designed very much with mobile devices in mind, allowing you to browse through millions of tunes with your mobile phone or tablet. But there's also an element of music discovery rather than simply playing the odd track. Recommendation based on what you listen to, for example, plus the option to turn your music into a radio station (as Pandora has done for years in the US and what Apple will be doing eventually here).

All of that gives you an idea of just how competitive this sector is. Spotify has really taken control of music streaming over here, while Pandora is strong in the US, although Apple's intervention might knock that a little. Google offers elements of all of it, but doesn't have a particularly unique feature to take on the competition head on. Aside from the Google name, obviously.

Available for Android devices only right now, it works with Android 2.2 and above.

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