Comparison shots indicates little change in iPhone 5S

We're pretty sure Apple will be introducing a new iPhone in September and it's almost certain to be called the iPhone 5S, running Apple's latest iOS 7 software. Beyond that, no one is exactly sure what Apple has in store for us. Judging by the latest leak, it might be disappointment.

Photos have broke which claim to show a comparison of the 'bare bones' of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S. The images, via Fanatic Fone, suggest a look largely based on the current iPhone, with just a longer ribbon cable and the odd screw differing from the existing iPhone 5.

That's worrying on a couple of accounts. First up, it means the same size of screen, despite rumours of Apple sizing up and it also looks unlikely that Apple will be embedding the much rumoured fingerprint scanner into its next iPhone. That's despite some detail about a scanner in the iOS 7 software. But with no evidence of hardware redesign, it is unlikely.

What is likely is a faster processor and an improved camera alongside the software upgrade, with Apple perhaps looking at more significant changes for next year's iPhone 6. Not long to wait to find out if that's the case.

Source: Apple Insider

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